The Blood and the Raven ( A Tale of Vampires, #2)

About A Tale of Vampires Series:
A seven book chronicle of the lives of a group of vampires, each book in the series explores their unique gift, and their take on the living, the dead, and the undead.


The Blood and the Raven could be considered a gothic type / dark fantasy horror. When you’re finished reading this go straight to Innocent While She Sleeps.

Find out what happens to the Murderous Little Darlings in this #1 best selling vampire thriller.
If you are a fan of fast-paced, action-packed vampire stories that combine horror and murder with dramatic twists and turns, then ‘The Blood and the Raven’ is for you.

Along with other books in the series, The Blood and the Raven has rocketed to the top of three paid best seller lists, Critics say Book 2 in the Tale of Vampires Series sees the author ‘bringing back the true Vampire to fiction.’ In it, John Hennessy delivers another solid and intricately plotted vampire thriller.

The Blood and the Raven – A Tale of Vampires Book 2:

A group of teenagers spend a night amongst the ruins of an old priory, taking turns to scare one other with a tale of horror, each one more scary than the last.

When it comes to Seth, the last storyteller, he is reluctant to tell the story, because once the tale has been told, those who hear it, will begin to die.

His friends think Seth is bluffing – but is he in fact, telling the truth?

To find out, you must dare to read the tale of The Blood and The Raven.

Dark, scary, and thrilling, The Blood and the Raven will leave readers wanting for more as the intricate plot evolves with each book in the series.

#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Teen & Young Adult > Horror > Short Stories
#1 in Books > Young Adult > Horror > Short Stories
#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Short Stories

˃˃˃ Discover what other readers already know
” John Hennessy is something of an authority on the true essence of vampires and points out that this story is strictly in the tradition of vampires as cold-blooded killers, as depicted by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, rejecting later misrepresentations of vampires as seductive romancers.

For those who love their horror starkly terrifying and dark, you won’t find a better exponent of this art of story telling than Mr Hennessy..” James Duncan, Author of Serendipity

” A dark, creepy, disturbing novella length read to take in on a dark, rainy night with a nice glass of red wine. Keep your neck well covered.” Maxine – Booklover Catlady

“Do read this book, if you want to experience fear in a whole new level.” Aditi Saha – Book Stop Corner, Liebster Award Winner

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