11:47 Small Slices of Horror Vol 1.



Horror is most chillingly served by those who KNOW you. A psychological horror collection to turn your mind inside out.

The YA-Horror awarding winning author John Hennessy offers a spine-tingling compilation of short stories created solely to keep a reader up late at night.

From the creator of the Dark Winter trilogy, A Tale of Vampires and the award winning psychological horror series Haunted Minds comes a new and terrifying short story collection.

John Hennessy is in terrifying top form in these short stories, taking readers down a seemingly gentle start in the opening titular story ’11:47′.

A simple lift turns macabre when it opens its doors, never mind closing them. A joyride becomes a ride in terror in ‘Ghost Train’, along with three more stories that will keep you awake until daybreak. Enter a nightmarish mindscape of unrelenting horror, psychological twists and turns with shocking revelations that could only come from the creator of the award winning Haunted Minds series.

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