Book Review: The Halloweeners by John Hennessy

First book review of The Halloweeners by Rouge of Read Watch and Think blog!

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the-halloweenersBook: The Halloweeners

Author: John Hennessy

Plot: Four children are all dressed up and ready for Halloween. There’s Kirsty, the witch. Craig the vampire. Then there’s Nula, the ghost, and Toby, who’s co-ordinating things whilst dressed as a zombie. They couldn’t just be a ragtag bunch of stereotypes though, so Toby christened them the Halloweeners.Craig was new to it, though the others had celebrated Halloween before, many times before. Most of the people in the street knew the children and were happy to take their part in trick or treating. One particular house owner isn’t so friendly, though it’s fair to say the occupant has been expecting them, and intends to offer the group a special kind of welcome. He’s been expecting them to knock on the door. He’s been planning their visit for a while. In fact, he’s been waiting for this all year…. 

Rating: 5/5

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