Dawn of the New Breed

The Prequel to Murderous Little Darlings

NEW RELEASE: 18th November 2016

Dawn of the New Breed is the full length prequel to the Tale of Vampires series, and is now on Amazon and all good stores to buy. Paperback also available now.


The full length prequel to Murderous Little Darlings (A Tale of Vampires #1).

England, 1472. A teenage Mariana Claremont is having a secret liaison with England’s premier soldier and commander of the King’s army.

Unhappy with their union, separatists amongst the Kingdom set in motion a plan that will change England and Scotland forever.

Several centuries later, three vulnerable children catch the eye of a bloodthirsty yet lonely vampire. Will they escape the clutches of the vampire, or usher in a new dawn of the undead?

MATURE CONTENT: Story contains occasional scenes of strong violence, infrequent but strong swearing, and some gory scenes. There are also some scenes of a sexual nature. Recommended reading age 18+

Writing on the story began in 2015, and completed in July 2016. I hope that if you try it, you will enjoy it and leave a review.