Haunted Minds V: New Release Date!

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The fifth book in my award-winning psychological horror series, Haunted Minds, will not be released on its original date of June 1st. So save this date: July 30th, 2018.

Why? Well, I have a number of book projects that I have been working on, and with no release since The Halloweeners II (Oct 31st, 2017) I’ll admit I have missed not giving my readers something new.

However, my next three books are the most important for me. This one – The Seamstress Who Worshipped Beelzebub takes us back into the world of lost dreams, paranoia, grisly demons, terrifying ghosts, and yet, still feels kind of new, because it has had more time to breathe than the releases of Star Wars movies.

Children of the Dark Light, the fourth installment, was well received by fans, and so it’s important to get this fifth in the series right. I will also be releasing two works of non fiction. Coco: Joy of After-Life, and The Mastery of Martial Arts: End Fights in Seconds.

So stay tuned. I’m more likely to do updates on here and Goodreads rather than my Facebook page. Given what big companies allegedly do with the data, posting less is best!

See you on release day in two months time! If I somehow encourage myself to post a pre-order link, I will do so on this site!







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Children of the Dark Light: Haunted Minds IV

NEW RELEASE: 28th February 2017

A beautiful house of dark red brick and gothic style stands on Normandy Road. It has had many inhabitants over the years, and is about to gain some new tenants.

However, the house has never truly been empty. There’s something there, and it has always been there. To some, the horrors that reside in Normandy Road are just myths, legends, and in the present day, there is nothing to be scared of.

But there are some that have seen and felt their presence. Their sleep is ripped apart as the nightmarish entities that reside there manage to torment their day.

Something lives in that house. It senses its time has come. A time of evil. Sometimes, they work on their own. Collectively, they are known as The Dead Ones, to others they are known as the Children of the Dark Light; and as improbable and implausible as it may seem; somehow, somewhere, you’ve met them before….

MATURE CONTENT 18+ Contains adult content. Not to be read by minors / people under the age of 18. Contains sexual content, religious references and strong scenes of psychological terror that some readers will find disturbing.

Catch up with the series here


Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing

Eric Lahti

Stephen King once said he told his wife he writes every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving. He went on to say he also writes on those days. I may be wrong about the days, but I do know he said he writes every day unless something really bad happens.

In the martial arts we have a philosophy of training every day. It doesn’t have to be much; practice a kata, do a few kicks, beat up someone that looked at you funny, that sort of thing. Okay, so I’m joking about beating people up for looking at me funny, but the remainder is true. A little practice every day is a good thing.

Most things we do – whether they be physical or mental activities – get better with practice. As long as the practice is good practice, anyway. I used to tell my students in Kenpo to practice their…

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It’s going to be immense, Eric!

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I started Transmute a little over a year ago. It’s been a long ride to get it to the final point, but I’m pleased to announce it’s now available. If you’re looking for an amazing ride, this is your book. It’s got a new god trying to come to grips with his role, an engine who can make dreams real, a Valkyrie, and some seriously bad guys gunning for them.

It also has the best food you can find in a bowling alley anywhere.

All he wants is a dinner date with his girlfriend, but there are jerks everywhere.
As if Steven doesn’t already have enough problems dealing with the Dreaming Lands actively rebelling against his rule, the freshly minted God of Dreams has to learn how to be a god, deal with overzealous followers, and generally get his head in the game. To make things worse, a powerful enemy…

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