Cover Update: Dawn of the New Breed

Dawn 2020 front

Dawn of the New Breed – Updated Cover for 2020

Here it is – the updated cover for Dawn of the New Breed. I use this blog to post quick updates for my followers. For more detailed information, breakdown and analysis – hop off to my growing blog at

If you want to see a HUGE news and cover update for the original Tale of Vampires, Murderous Little Darlings, go to the blog page here

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2020 Cover Update: The Girl Who Collected Butterflies (Haunted Minds III)


New Cover: The Girl Who Collected Butterflies (Haunted Minds III)

I published the first three Haunted Minds stories in 2015. This third volume, The Girl Who Collected Butterflies has undergone a transformation, just like The Ghost of Normandy Road and Clara’s Song, comprising all new layouts and formatting for both the Kindle and paper back versions, but have receied cover updates too.


The race is on to stop a killer.
But how can she be stopped?

Boys made fun of her. Girls tended to avoid her. Teachers didn’t understand her.

Marissa Coton collected butterflies.

For her Very Special Project, Marissa took some butterflies and placed a name under each one.

To her classmates, the selection appeared to be random. No harm done. But when the children in Marissa’s book begin to die in mysterious circumstances, the evidence points to the mysterious girl with black eyes who wears a red bow in her hair.

There’s method in her apparent madness. There’s a reason why she’s doing it. By the time her secret is out, it will be far too late. Because if someone threatens her, their secrets will be revealed to the world.

The race is on to stop her from killing anyone else, but how can she be stopped?


Part of the Haunted Minds series of books, ‘The Girl Who Collected Butterflies’ is a psychic thriller and unexplained mystery novel – an indirect follow-up to book one, ‘The Ghost of Normandy Road.’

Mature content – recommended for 15 years of age and over. Story contains strong swearing, gore and violence, some sexual references.

˃˃˃ What other reviewers said.

Editorial Reviews:-

“This is a John Hennessy book in the raw…There is nothing more frightening to me than a creepy child. Regardless of age, they freak me out. Marissa’s character was written so very well, I could almost feel her eyes staring at me from the pages.

– J. K.

“We all had projects at school, a Science one or a Geography one. The main character, Marissa has one but hers is one full of evil…or is it, or is she trying to right a wrong?

All the characters have depth to them in fact I think John Hennessy has excelled in this area. The main character and secondary characters are all engaging, believable and it is up to the reader to like or dislike them. When I met one character I really detested them but as the book progressed my feelings towards that one individual changed…such is the power of description and narrative.”

– S.B.

“Sinister and creepy, evil to the core.”

– A.S.

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Pre-orders are live: The Mastery of Martial Arts: Second Edition

Official Cover for the paperback: The Mastery of Martial Arts: Second Edition

Pre-Orders’ Live now!

Students and non-students alike will enjoy exploring on a deeper level the elements that have been previously been introduced. Key to any student’s growth and understanding of martial arts includes how one can continue to stay on the hero’s journey, the practise of mindfulness; the cultivation, maintenance and growth as a martial artist and as a human whilst remaining calm, focussed and yet acting with humility at all times, as well as becoming a truly great fighter – all in accordance with the truest expression of the martial arts spirit.

PAPERBACK and other editions available end August 2020.

The Mastery of Martial Arts: Second Edition is released on 22nd August 2020.


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2020 Cover Update: Clara’s Song (Haunted Minds II)

New Cover: Clara’s Song (Haunted Minds II)

In 2012 I outlined a psychological thriller that became an integral part of the Haunted Minds series. Clara’s Song followed The Ghost of Normandy Road. As the series progressed readers could see how it tied into book four – Chidren of the Dark Light, and the fifth and currently latest story in the series – The Seamstress Who Worshipped Beelzebub.

I thought it was high time the cover got an update. So here it is.

As of May 2020, the book has been added to Kindle Unlimited. It may go back wide to Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble at some point, but for now look out for special deals on Kindle Unlimited for this book!


Damaged lives. No-one they can trust. And a battle to stay sane….

…all while there’s a serial killer on the loose.

Following Book One, the best selling Ghost of Normandy Road, Book Two in the Haunted Minds series is entitled Clara’s Song – a gripping psychological horror thriller, and a dark twisted tale perfect for fans of women’s psychological fiction. Clara’s Song features a new group of characters who fight for their sanity as the events around them threaten to destroy all their hopes.


Be careful what you wish for.

Clara Bayliss dreams of escaping her boring marriage. When her car fails to start after a freakish accident, her fantasy has every chance of becoming the reality.

Rescued by the very man she thought had been killed, she takes a ride into the unknown with him, and has no intention of returning home.

Her husband isn’t pleased about being dumped. Especially when he finds out the news she’s been keeping from him.

And then, there’s a song, the one that Clara would play whenever she needed freeing from a world full of despair.

Clara’s Song.

It would make her feel good. Strong. Independent. Fearless.

Only….her rescuer knows the song too, and for him, it means something else entirely….

“Must read for all psycho horror lovers. “

Editorial Review – A.S.
Trust John to make romance so horrifying.”
Editorial Review – read / watch / think
“I don’t know whether to feel sad, happy, inspired or freaked out. This was a story that took my mind into a complete abyss.”
Editorial Review – J.K.
“This is a psych horror that is scary because of how seemingly normal people can lose their mind and even scarier than that, their sense of reality.”
Editorial Review – Charlee-babez
“Not many writers dare to write about such things.”
Editorial Review – KSN
“Clara’s Song is is dark and intriguing and it certainly messes with your head. “
Editorial Review – LL.
“The adult nature of the violence and sexual scenes may upset some, I think it will attract more readers than it will repel. A brave book with an engaging storyline and characters to match.”
Editorial Review – Caitlin’s Book Review

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Official Cover: One More Story (2020)


Official Cover 2020: One More Story (A Thriller)

Hello everyone. I am updating my official website too (head over to for more) but this original WordPress site is linked to my Amazon account, so when I post updates, readers can see them there too.

After nearly five years of outlines, drafts, re-drafts, cover changes (this latest version is the third!), eight visits to the Czech Republic, with Prague, Karlovy Vary and other places inbetween.  I am happy to announce my new spy thriller with a difference is available on Kindle now. It will be available in paperback, I hope, by the end of April, with a super special audio edition later this year.

Available exclusively on Amazon and Amazon UK for now, but expect Kobo, Apple iBooks and Nook (Barnes & Noble) editions in due course.


The new thriller from award-winning British Irish author John Hennessy


One last kill. One final betrayal. One more story.

From British author John Hennessy, author of the award-winning Haunted Minds series and chart topping A Tale of Vampires, comes a new thriller where the worlds of fact and fiction collide in the most unimaginable way possible.

His wife’s been kidnapped.
Only one person knows where she might be.
Can he trust her long enough to get out of the Czech Republic alive?

Ellis Goodrich is the best-selling author of vampire horror, high school ghost stories, and noir crime thrillers. For twenty-five years, he has been married and happily so to his high school sweetheart Jane Creed. Ellis is thinking of getting out of the writing business for a while. After writing many best-selling novels, he is viewing his impending retirement as somewhat bittersweet. He is a jaded author who wants to write something different but is not sure what.

His wife wants him to pen a special kind of story, just for her. She hasn’t told him, but a meeting with a gypsy fortune teller reveals a hidden killer inside – Jane is suffering from ovarian cancer, and it’s terminal.

If Ellis is somehow convinced to write just One More Story, he might just be able to save her. But then, those that helped him will want payment. Initially accepting, knowing that his success would one day come at a price, on reflection Ellis finds their price a little too high to pay.

And that won’t do. That won’t do at all…..

Mature content. 18+ readers only. Contains several strong scenes of violence, torture, sex and swearing throughout.



Pre-orders are live: One More Story


My second official release of the year is a thriller with a difference, set in Prague and other places in the Czech Republic.

The story is something of a departure from what I have written before, but I enjoyed writing it immensely.

The release date was chosen to coincide with the release of the new James Bond film, No Time to Die. As that film’s release date has been put back to November 2020 due to the corona virus outbreak, my release is still going ahead.

One More Story is released on 3rd April 2020.


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Pre-Orders are Live! ‘Our Hearts Go to Their Graves (A Tale of Vampires #6)

v2 (3)

Official Cover: Our Hearts Go to Their Graves

After nearly five years from first word to last, and more than three years since the last vampire tale was released, my newest book is about to take the stage.

As is known amongst fans of this series, the original idea was to write seven novella length vampire tales, each able to stand on its own whilst at the same time be weaved into the overall story.

The story that eventually became the full-length prequel, Dawn of the New Breed, was intend as part of this sixth official story. I wanted to open up ‘Our Hearts’ with an extended prologue.

The challenge of ‘Dawn’ was to write a tale that told one story but was in two distinct parts. So Part I was titled Death of the Old Order, Part II – Dawn of the New Breed, with the epilogue tying in seamlessly with the first official story – Murderous Little Darlings.

If I had weaved Dawn of the New Breed into this new tale, then ‘Our Hearts Go to Their Graves’ would have been a truly mammoth read. There’s nothing really wrong with such an approach. One of my favourite authors of vampires and witches, Anne Rice, wrote a mid-length novel called Interview With the Vampire. Her take on witches reached epic proportions with the release of The Witching Hour, which was more than 1200 pages long.

What worked for The Witching Hour would not have worked for these tales. Besides, it allows Dawn of the New Breed to serve as the perfect setting to the much wider series. Murderous Little Darlings is long enough to give you an idea about what my style of writing is like, but doesn’t require readers to invest so much of their time. Sometimes we read books that we are told are really great, so we keep reading, hoping that they will improve. Sometimes they don’t. But as far as Anne Rice is concerned, I love her books and she is easily one of my favourite authors.

Our Hearts Go to Their Graves is released on 5th March 2020.

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New Cover: Our Hearts Go to Their Graves (A Tale of Vampires, #6)

v2 (3)

A new cover for Our Hearts Go To Their Graves – A Tale of Vampires Book Six

As 2019 is almost half a year old, I now look to future releases before the year is done. I have been pretty prolific the last few years, but as this series evolved, it became clear to me that I could no longer shoehorn a packed story about vampires into novella length books.

That is not a bad thing. Some stories write themselves. Far from being bloated as the series draws to its close, I’ve actually enjoyed the twists and turns that the plot, the characters, and you the readers demanded.

Of course, there is no point adding scenes for adding scenes sake. I don’t want any part of the series to be less essential – all parts are important to each other.

I needed to change the cover as there were too many similarities to the original concept, whereas this version ties in nicely with the cover for Dawn of the New Breed, which was the full length prequel to Murderous Little Darlings.

So the book is going through its most important phase prior to release. I may be able to release one more story before the end of the year too, but that depends on some factors not entirely in my control, whereas this title is fully in my control.

More updates as and when I have them.

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Currently editing: ‘Our Hearts Go to Their Graves’ (A Tale of Vampires #6)




Series: A Tale of Vampires #6

Preceded by Reunion of the Blood

In late 2019, the sixth official Tale in my best selling vampires series will be released. Currently editing the book, which as you may know goes through successive drafts, redrafts and edits, until I am happy with it for release.

There are seven tales available at the moment, the most recent release being 2016’s prequel Dawn of the New Breed. In this Tale, we are building up to the finale (likely release 2021) when this series will ultimately come to its end.

You can get the first short novella Murderous Little Darlings for FREE on Amazon, Kobo, Nook and Apple