Dream the Crow’s Black Dream (A Tale of Vampires, #4)

About A Tale of Vampires Series:
A seven book chronicle of the lives of a group of vampires, each book in the series explores their unique gift, and their take on the living, the dead, and the undead.


Dream the Crow’s Black Dream is a vampire novella which is the third in a Tale of Vampires Series. In A Tale of Vampires, there will be seven short horror stories that can be read alone, but should really be read in order. When you’re finished please check out other books the author has written, like teen paranormal horror series Dark Winter.
In 2016, the fifth vampire book in the series, Reunion of the Blood will be released.

Find out what happens in this #1 best selling vampire thriller.
If you are a fan of fast-paced, action-packed vampire stories that combine horror and murder with dramatic twists and turns, then ‘ Dream the Crow’s Black Dream ‘ is for you.

Along with other books in the series, Dream the Crow’s Black Dream has rocketed to the top of three paid best seller lists, Critics say Book 3 in the Tale of Vampires Series sees the author ‘John Hennessy, an English YA writer, has done it again with his new novella Dream the Crow’s Black Dream in the A Tale of Vampires series. He has once again made it equally provoking, wicked and alluring, enchanting at the same time. There are few authors on the block who can turn a blood-lusting vampire into an innocent being, reading about which can only fill up your heart with compassion, instead of hatred!’

Dream the Crow’s Black Dream – A Tale of Vampires Book 4:

Tormented by all the wicked and evil deeds she has committed in her life, the vampire has never known what it is like to truly rest in peace. Far from the confines of the Blood and the Raven; at Castle Dreymuir, a most unlikely source offers her a way out of the life.

Initially, she dismisses it out of hand; stating the cost is far too high for her to possibly consider. But as time goes on, one overwhelming desire eats away at her – a return to innocence in both her waking hours and whilst she sleeps.

Will she accept this deadly but most compelling of offers, so that she can put her brutal existence to rest, once and for all?

Dark, scary, and thrilling, The Blood and the Raven will leave readers wanting for more as the intricate plot evolves with each book in the series.

#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Teen & Young Adult > Horror > Short Stories
#1 in Books > Young Adult > Horror > Short Stories
#1 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Short Stories

˃˃˃ Where will this story take you?
” John Hennessy is one author that i can count on to surprise me every time. I am till date finding it difficult to pen down what exactly his technique is or how his next work probably would be like. I have been following this series religiously and still if you ask me what exactly do i think will the next book be like, i will raise my hands in surrender because i have no clue as to how the author will strike next..” Merril Anil – Read, Watch and Think blog

˃˃˃ Discover what other readers already know
” Since the first in the series, Murderous Little Darlings, he had me intrigued. By the time I read The Blood and the Raven I was hooked.
His writing has went from strength to strength, his works are polished and of a high standard. He story telling and formation of plots and twist just get better and better. “ Sharon Brownlie

“Okay now the best thing about the whole series that you can read each book as a standalone book, since no books are related to one another with their stories, instead they are entwined through the characters. Like the fourth book picks up characters from the first book and tells us the aftermath of the second book’s tale. Isn’t that interesting and something very unique? I mean his fans are in for some astounding treat for each and every book.” Aditi Saha – Book Stop Corner, Liebster Award Winner

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