The Seamstress Who Worshipped Beelzebub (Haunted Minds V)

Authjhen_The_Seamstress_Who_Worshipped_Beelzebub (1)


She was a lost soul on the ninth of her cats lives and she knew it. She always had an angle, a way of twisting things, a sob-story for anyone who would listen. One by one, kind words softly spoken from well-wishers fell into silence.

But the voices in her head are far from quiet. They taunt her with rose-tinted views of her past, and terrifying images of her future. Sex, drugs and alcohol blur her every waking moment. She needs saving from herself, because her fixes are killing her.

A woman with an unusual set of skills offers her a chance to reshape her past, live with her present, and create an unknown but possibly happier future.

A chance to save herself from making her Hell on Earth, a Hell for all Eternity.

But just what is the cost of her redemption, and what price is she willing to pay?


Part of the Haunted Minds series of books.

MATURE CONTENT 18+ Contains adult content. Not to be read by minors / people under the age of 18. Contains sexual content, drugs, religious references and strong scenes of psychological terror that some readers will find disturbing.