New Cover: Our Hearts Go to Their Graves (A Tale of Vampires, #6)

v2 (3)

A new cover for Our Hearts Go To Their Graves – A Tale of Vampires Book Six

As 2019 is almost half a year old, I now look to future releases before the year is done. I have been pretty prolific the last few years, but as this series evolved, it became clear to me that I could no longer shoehorn a packed story about vampires into novella length books.

That is not a bad thing. Some stories write themselves. Far from being bloated as the series draws to its close, I’ve actually enjoyed the twists and turns that the plot, the characters, and you the readers demanded.

Of course, there is no point adding scenes for adding scenes sake. I don’t want any part of the series to be less essential – all parts are important to each other.

I needed to change the cover as there were too many similarities to the original concept, whereas this version ties in nicely with the cover for Dawn of the New Breed, which was the full length prequel to Murderous Little Darlings.

So the book is going through its most important phase prior to release. I may be able to release one more story before the end of the year too, but that depends on some factors not entirely in my control, whereas this title is fully in my control.

More updates as and when I have them.

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