2020 Cover Update: Clara’s Song (Haunted Minds II)

New Cover: Clara’s Song (Haunted Minds II)

In 2012 I outlined a psychological thriller that became an integral part of the Haunted Minds series. Clara’s Song followed The Ghost of Normandy Road. As the series progressed readers could see how it tied into book four – Chidren of the Dark Light, and the fifth and currently latest story in the series – The Seamstress Who Worshipped Beelzebub.

I thought it was high time the cover got an update. So here it is.

As of May 2020, the book has been added to Kindle Unlimited. It may go back wide to Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble at some point, but for now look out for special deals on Kindle Unlimited for this book!


Damaged lives. No-one they can trust. And a battle to stay sane….

…all while there’s a serial killer on the loose.

Following Book One, the best selling Ghost of Normandy Road, Book Two in the Haunted Minds series is entitled Clara’s Song – a gripping psychological horror thriller, and a dark twisted tale perfect for fans of women’s psychological fiction. Clara’s Song features a new group of characters who fight for their sanity as the events around them threaten to destroy all their hopes.


Be careful what you wish for.

Clara Bayliss dreams of escaping her boring marriage. When her car fails to start after a freakish accident, her fantasy has every chance of becoming the reality.

Rescued by the very man she thought had been killed, she takes a ride into the unknown with him, and has no intention of returning home.

Her husband isn’t pleased about being dumped. Especially when he finds out the news she’s been keeping from him.

And then, there’s a song, the one that Clara would play whenever she needed freeing from a world full of despair.

Clara’s Song.

It would make her feel good. Strong. Independent. Fearless.

Only….her rescuer knows the song too, and for him, it means something else entirely….

“Must read for all psycho horror lovers. “

Editorial Review – A.S.
Trust John to make romance so horrifying.”
Editorial Review – read / watch / think
“I don’t know whether to feel sad, happy, inspired or freaked out. This was a story that took my mind into a complete abyss.”
Editorial Review – J.K.
“This is a psych horror that is scary because of how seemingly normal people can lose their mind and even scarier than that, their sense of reality.”
Editorial Review – Charlee-babez
“Not many writers dare to write about such things.”
Editorial Review – KSN
“Clara’s Song is is dark and intriguing and it certainly messes with your head. “
Editorial Review – LL.
“The adult nature of the violence and sexual scenes may upset some, I think it will attract more readers than it will repel. A brave book with an engaging storyline and characters to match.”
Editorial Review – Caitlin’s Book Review

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Pre-orders are live: One More Story


My second official release of the year is a thriller with a difference, set in Prague and other places in the Czech Republic.

The story is something of a departure from what I have written before, but I enjoyed writing it immensely.

The release date was chosen to coincide with the release of the new James Bond film, No Time to Die. As that film’s release date has been put back to November 2020 due to the corona virus outbreak, my release is still going ahead.

One More Story is released on 3rd April 2020.


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