Pre-Orders are Live! ‘Our Hearts Go to Their Graves (A Tale of Vampires #6)

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Official Cover: Our Hearts Go to Their Graves

After nearly five years from first word to last, and more than three years since the last vampire tale was released, my newest book is about to take the stage.

As is known amongst fans of this series, the original idea was to write seven novella length vampire tales, each able to stand on its own whilst at the same time be weaved into the overall story.

The story that eventually became the full-length prequel, Dawn of the New Breed, was intend as part of this sixth official story. I wanted to open up ‘Our Hearts’ with an extended prologue.

The challenge of ‘Dawn’ was to write a tale that told one story but was in two distinct parts. So Part I was titled Death of the Old Order, Part II – Dawn of the New Breed, with the epilogue tying in seamlessly with the first official story – Murderous Little Darlings.

If I had weaved Dawn of the New Breed into this new tale, then ‘Our Hearts Go to Their Graves’ would have been a truly mammoth read. There’s nothing really wrong with such an approach. One of my favourite authors of vampires and witches, Anne Rice, wrote a mid-length novel called Interview With the Vampire. Her take on witches reached epic proportions with the release of The Witching Hour, which was more than 1200 pages long.

What worked for The Witching Hour would not have worked for these tales. Besides, it allows Dawn of the New Breed to serve as the perfect setting to the much wider series. Murderous Little Darlings is long enough to give you an idea about what my style of writing is like, but doesn’t require readers to invest so much of their time. Sometimes we read books that we are told are really great, so we keep reading, hoping that they will improve. Sometimes they don’t. But as far as Anne Rice is concerned, I love her books and she is easily one of my favourite authors.

Our Hearts Go to Their Graves is released on 5th March 2020.

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